Revenge of the fish! The bizarre moment a giant tuna swallows a seagull whole before spitting it out

  • The tuna fish swallowed the seagull while trying to eat a sardine
  • The fish was enjoying being fed by locals at a port near Girona in Spain
  • It got more than it bargained for when the seagull swooped in for the treat
  • After being held in the tuna’s mouth, the seagull manages to fly away 

This seagull will probably think twice before swooping down towards the sea for a salty snack in the future.

As this incredible footage shows, the last time it tried to grab a fish ‘takeaway’, the hunter became the hunted – as it was quickly gobbled up by a tuna.

The large tuna fish was enjoying being fed sardines by tourists at a port near Girona in Spain when it swallowed the seagull whole, before the elusive bird escaped and flew away.

The tuna fish was enjoying being fed sardines by tourists before a seagull swooped in and tried to steal its treat
The tuna retreated below the surface with the bird still in its mouth, before freeing the seagull and swimming away

The bizarre moment was captured by sailor Robert Llorens Sulivera, 47, who was walking with his wife and baby near his home in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region.

They had stopped to watch people feeding sardines to the tuna, where the saltwater finfish have been spotted every day for the past few months.

‘People were throwing sardines for the tuna to eat when a seagull came in faster than the tuna and took it,’ Mr Llorens Sulivera said.

He added: ‘But then the tuna ate the seagull and sank.

‘After a while the tuna rejected the seagull, which swam up and then flew away.’

The footage shows the tuna fish swallow the seagull before retreating underwater once again only to spit the seagull out after deciding it wasn’t worth eating.

The seagull, relieved to have escaped the tuna’s nasty grasp, spreads its wings and manages to fly away.

Onlookers can be heard laughing in disbelief at the chain of events at the Spanish port.

‘Me and everyone else watching had a good laugh,’ Mr Llorens Sulivera said.

The group of tourists can be heard laughing as the seagull reappears from below the surface and spreads its wings

The seagull, relieved to have escaped the tuna’s threatening jaws, manages to fly away after learning its lesson about stealing food

Source: Daily Mail

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